Materials & Sizes

Materials and Sizes

The information on this page is intended to help guide you in choosing a size and surface of print that is perfect for your space.

If you would like more help, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you decide.

Paper prints

Works on paper need to be framed in order to protect them from the elements and allow them to be shown off in full. I wholeheartedly recommend finding a framer that can frame your new prints in an archival way. This will further lengthen the life of your prints. I also recommend UV protected and non-glare glass.

I recommend you explore your options with your framer. Personally, I love a hand stained box frame with thick matts allowing the print to breathe and stand out.

The works on paper are a true rendition of the actual Sumi ink on paper. I am just so in awe of the work and attention to detail Image Science ( my fine art printers) are able to produce. I am so happy with the true to life reflection of my originals. I love the paper prints for this reason.

Metal Prints

One of my favourite surfaces to paint on is antique byobu (silver leaf screens). It has a completely different look to the ink on paper, with the reflective quality of the silver affecting the way light interacts with the painted surface. The shadow and light play is just so beautiful to witness throughout the day.

Metal prints, particularly the brushed metal prints replicate this effect so beautifully. I am so excited to be able to offer my work on the metal surfaces. On the brushed metal, anything white becomes silver, like the silver leaf. I chose to also offer a white based metal version, which is more traditional but still contemporary. My preferred hanger is the floating hanger, as it allows the print to float on the wall without the restrictions of glass and frame. It is also reflective of how I frame my originals, choosing to float mount them in deep frames, allowing shadows to come and go throughout the day.

Fine details of a limited edition print on paper
Light playing on the surface of a metal print
Metal print next to an original painting on antique byobu silver leaf screen

A few years ago, I worked with Print 2 Metal to create brand films for their business. I immediately saw the possibility of working with them to produce my own art prints, and have now made it a reality. Please visit their website to see the films and learn more about metal prints.

Choosing a print size can be overwhelming. My aim is to help you and make the process as easy as possible.

When choosing a print size and image, the first thing to think about is, do I like the framed or metal prints?
Look around your home or interior and take note of your existing artworks and furnishings. Which one works best in your home?

Would a 30cmx30cm framed print or a 30cmx30cm metal print fit best in your chosen space?

Mysa I – 30cm x 30cm Framed paper print
Mysa I – 30cm x 30cm Standalone metal print on brushed metal
Mysa I – 30cm x 30cm Standalone metal print on white base

In cases where you have a larger amount of wall space, a 50cmx50cm print may be better suited.

Besa II – 50cm x 50cm Framed paper print
Besa II – 50cm x 50cm Standalone metal print on brushed metal
Besa II – 50cm x 50cm Standalone metal print on white base

Large scale prints especially can be wonderful statement pieces that really tie a space together.

Waldeinsamkeit I – 50cm x 150cm Framed paper print
Waldeinsamkeit III – 60cm x 180cm Standalone metal print on brushed metal

If you have a large wall to hang a large piece or multiple pieces on, frames will add dimension to the work – the same size metal print may be too small for the space and get a bit lost. Some of the prints will have larger sizes on offer in metal as I can print larger on metal than on paper. This is because matts are not available past a certain size.

Retrouvailles II – 40cm x 80cm framed paper print
Hitoritabi III – 40cm x 120cm standalone metal print on brushed metal
Mysa I – 100cm x 100cm framed paper print

There are many factors which can play a part in choosing the right material and size for your space. I am passionate about helping you find the right print or prints for your home, business or office so please get in touch if you have any questions or would like a little extra guidance.