About me

I have been privileged and honoured to have taken part in exhibitions in Tokyo, and Australia and New York with Lesley Kehoe Galleries, showcasing my work alongside some of Japan’s most revered contemporary artists.

I hope the images on this page will give you a sense of the history of my work over the past 30 years.

The progression from the whole of a framed painting composition with sumi ink, to the macro view of a new digital printed composition is on show here. An incredible creative journey for me.

My work

The progression from painting to digital image to print, came about naturally more recently. After spending the last ten years immersed in the digital worlds of photography, photo restoration and filmmaking, the idea to scan the most favoured parts of my paintings; the inky edges, tones and fine lines took hold.

My sumi painting is very deeply rooted in the Japanese aesthetic. These new printed works are more a celebration of form, tone and texture. The play between light and dark and the delicate, almost imperceptible fine lines and tonal changes of the original paintings. These are the hero elements of these new printed works. The organic natural look of them compliment any space they inhabit.

Photo courtesy of Lesley Kehoe Galleries
Detail of paper print

I went deep down the rabbit hole, immersing myself into scanning these sections at very high resolutions, to then deciding on compositions and artistically rendering them digitally for many painstaking hours. What emerged from this immersion is the body of work on these pages that I love.

I have decided to print them at 3 sizes with two different surfaces and up to six renditions, to be able to inhabit intimate as well as large spacious areas. Printing with archival pigment inks on both Hahnemuhle German etching fine art paper and treated aluminium. Each size and surface gives the same image a completely unique look and feel, on paper within a frame or mounted on a floating hanger.

Paper print (left) and metal print (right)
Photo courtesy of Lesley Kehoe Galleries
Galleria Prova, Tokyo
Melbourne exhibition
Photo courtesy of Lesley Kehoe Galleries